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Onsite and Remote Office Support

Dynode provides both onsite and remote support for your business, assisting staff with all computer, network and telephony issues, including setting up new staff accounts and e-mail address.

Services and time can be contractual or ad hoc.

Troubleshooting, Maintenance and Installations

Systems performing slowly or regularly crashing can be irritating and cost your business in productivity. Dynode guarantees the ability to resolve and repair any network or computer issue plus provides a regular monthly maintenance schedule to ensure your systems are performing at their peak.

Dynode will also plan and commit system upgrades to keep your business moving forward.

System Audits and Reviews

Dynode provides advice on your current infrastructure, based on industry best practice, following an audit and documented review. Areas included are:

System Design and Deployment

From an holistic view, Dynode will assist your business in designing, deploying and integrating the required systems into your current infrastructure with minimal impact. If necessary, Dynode will also construct and manage the migration plan to move your business to the new system seamlessly.

Systems Monitoring and Capacity Planning

Has your business ever suffered simply because a server ran out of disk space or memory? Incidents like this should never occur and with Dynode's monitoring service, we'll see and resolve the issue before your business is impacted.

In addition, Dynode will implement a capacity planning solution so you don't overcapitalize on a solution or, worse still, underestimate the requirements and suffer with poor performance and outages.

Business Continuity

System backups, documented processes and scheduled restorations are the foundations of business continuity. Dynode will define, implement, document and maintain your businesses backup solution to ensure, in the event of a disaster, your business is up and running as fast as possible.

However, if your business cannot afford any downtime Dynode will define, implement, document and maintain a solution that will enable your business to keep moving in the event of a disaster.

Systems Documentation

Systems documentation and diagrams tie in with all the points above, but more so with Business Continuity. If a system needs to be rebuilt, for whatever reason, the documentation will ensure it will be configured exactly as it was prior which will save your business time and money.

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